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Wedgie Spotlight: Zyberbrat

Meet Zyberbrat, the SoCal nerd known for having his tighty whities over his face.

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What Makes for a Good Dom?

Content warning for discussions of sexual violence and coercion. Please note that in this blog post I refer to male dominants, but doms good and bad can come in any gender. We live in an age where any man with a phone and a bank account can become a Twitter-famous dom. His comments will be filled with…

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Keeping Politics Separate from the Wedgie Community

Someone I follow (well, used to follow) recently made a tweet supporting the idea of removing transgender people from the LGBTQIA+ community (i.e. removing the “T” from the “LGB”). Naturally they were called out by a bunch of people and they deleted their tweet, but in and amongst the people speaking out against this, there were also some people who voiced their opinion that it shouldn’t matter a wedgie creator’s political views, and that we should keep politics separate from the wedgie community. And while I disagree, I wanted to openly discuss why it’s so important to me to be politically-spoken on my wedgie accounts.

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Check out my wedgie-centred creative writing. For all chapters, head to Creative Writing.

Hotel Jock: Chapter 1

A man is dangling from the balcony two storeys from the ground. What’s holding him hostage are his own white briefs, which have him caught in a deadly hanging wedgie. His body twirls ever so slowly in mid-air, like a rotisserie chicken at a kebab shop. As the woman looks closely, she realises the gurgling sounds are coming from him, as his underwear has come around his front and is choking him at the neck. Within just seconds of her seeing him, the sound abruptly stops and his body collapses limply. The woman screams again, but this time it’s masked by the sound of his dead body hitting the ground.

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Wedgie Warlock: Chapter 1

It’s the last week of school for the year and everything’s beginning to dwindle down. Exams are over, classes are wrapping up and the year 12s are getting ready to graduate. One of these seniors is Cody Thompson, a guy who’s spent the majority of high school at the bottom of the social ladder.

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Enjoy poetry? Take a look at the wedgie and kink -related poems written by yours truly.

The Nervous Exhale

Wedgies are the nervous exhale.The quivers of a body that knows its fate.The in-betweens of each breath, of each heartbeat,the inevitable purgatory I await. I can almost feel what it’s like,the intoxicating seduction of my leg holes slithering up my butt cheeks.But no preparation can provide me a cure for the ecstatic euphoriaerupting to the…

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