About CodyWedgies.com

CodyWedgies.com is an independent website run by Australian artist Cody Thompson. Interested in the crossover between porn and artistry, this website was made to showcase and give voice to creative writing, interviews and other content that explore underwear-based fetishes.

What made you decide to create this website?

I created my first wedgie Instagram account at the end of 2018 and I’ve loved getting to become a part of the online wedgie community. It’s filled with interesting people from all over the world and there’s already so much creativity in the content creation and artwork that continues to act as an inspiration for me. I knew that I wanted to create my own creative wedgie content I just didn’t yet have a space to incorporate all of that. That’s ultimately what this website is: a fusion of wedgies and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of content should I expect from CodyWedgies.com?

CodyWedgies.com currently features fictional writing and short stories, interviews with prominent members of the online wedgie community, poetry, blog posts detailing my experience with wedgies and more. There’s also a public gallery of all my wedgie and sagging photosets.

2. How often can I expect written content to be posted?

Written content (blog posts, interviews, creative writing and poetry) are a main feature of this website and I aim to have at least some form of written content going up once a month or so. With my creative writing stories (e.g. Wedgie Warlock), I prefer to finish all chapters before I begin posting them, so it might be several months between each story depending on how quick I am to write the next full story.

3. Where did the exclusive video content go?

You can find my exclusive content on my Onlyfans. Note that to view this content, you must be 18 years or older.

4. What type of equipment do you use to shoot and edit your photos/videos?

All photos and videos are shot on either an iPhone 13 or iPhone 8+. I additionally use a phone tripod and stand lights in my shoots. For editing, I use iMovie to edit and crop my videos and Snapseed to add the finishing touches to some of my photos.

5. How did you create this website?

Bumbershoot Creative has been the web designer for this website and it’s been a wonderful process. They’re able to help with safe web hosting and video hosting for sex workers and have helped coach me through the process of website creation (something I’m not that familiar with). I would definitely recommend reaching out to them with any adult content website concerns!

6. How can I contact support if I have any questions?

Fill out the online form and Cody will be in touch.

Get to Know Cody

What is my favourite wedgie?

My go-to favourite wedgie is a ripping atomic wedgie in boxer briefs. Something about having your undies completely ripped off you is such a turn-on for me. The moment just after my underwear’s been ripped over my face and I’m just left to succumb to the awkward nerdy position the atomic wedgie leaves me in is pure sub gold. Combined with making out or some head, and that’s really all I need in life.

How about filming wedgies?

My favourite wedgie to film solo is a ripping atomic melvin as it can be easily combined with a nice self-pleasure session, ultimately making a good video. During meet-ups, pile driver wedgies are really great as they’re the simplest yet most effective representation of dom/sub dynamics in terms of wedgies. One guy yanking the underwear and the other guy getting the ass flossing of his life: what’s not to love?

What’s my favourite aspect of wedgies?

The most alluring parts of wedgies for me are equally the physical sensation and the power dynamics. Having my balls utterly crushed by my own underwear is so hot to me, and that sensation of a squeaky-clean where pressure is being applied to both my ass and groin is honestly perfection. The dom/sub power dynamics are also a huge turn-on, especially when leading into fantasy. For example, the role-play of being cornered by a jock and letting him have his way with you (but who otherwise wouldn’t pay attention to you) is fun – definitely resulting from trauma, but fun nonetheless.

How did I get into wedgies?

I was 6 or 7 when I got into wedgies. I had a friend who lived nearby who, sometimes after school, I’d go over to his house and we’d give each other small wedgies. He even had a foosball table in his attic that we’d suspend each other from – nothing huge hanging wedgie-wise, just placing the back of our waistbands on it and pulling down a little. It was exhilarating. At the time, I obviously couldn’t articulate exactly what it was about wedgies that I loved, I just thought it was a fun thing to do with my friend. At 8 I moved away and unfortunately lost contact with him.

From then I’d give myself wedgies here and there. When I was 11 or 12, I would sometimes play Wedgie in the Dark with some friends (a twist on Murder in the Dark), but we only did it a few times. I also started writing what I now realise was wedgie self-insert fantasy stories and fanfic, expressing the deep longing and hidden nature of my wedgie kink through my creativity. By then, having also developed a sagging kink (thank you Justin Bieber), I’d joined saggerworld.com and started posting some of the stories there (some of which are still there).

My relationship with wedgies continued like this for the bulk of my teen years. It was something I only engaged with rarely, and held quite a deep shame and guilt for it (which I expressed through my creative writing). It wasn’t until I was 19 and going to therapy for a break-up that I began to have healthy engagements with wedgies. I brought it up with my therapist and began unpacking my internalised kink shame, and slowly but surely learned how to enjoy wedgies free from stigma. That’s when I created my wedgie Instagram account and the rest is history.

What other kinks do I have?

Besides wedgies, I like sagging and just underwear in general, which both mostly grew out of my pre-established wedgie kink. I’m also quite into humiliation and other forms of bullying, such as degradation, swirlies, nut shots etc. I’m yet to engage with my piss kink properly, but I do as well enjoy both pissing on someone and being pissed on. Additionally, I’m slowly developing a foot fetish, but mostly just a foot applying pressure to the groin à la ‘step on me’. Perhaps one day I’ll be into actual feet (I do like the smell of a sweaty foot, but in a non-sexual way).