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Wedgie Spotlight: Zyberbrat

Meet Zyberbrat, the SoCal nerd known for having his tighty whities over his face.

Zyberbrat recalls his first introduction to wedgies being a clip from the iconic wedgie duo ShavidPranks.

“It was a video of him getting pantsed and wedgied while wearing batman briefs; I remember watching the video once and kept scrolling. Little did I know that had awoken something in me – I kept going back to it and ended up digging a bit deeper into the fetish… The humiliation aspect really sold it to me, it’s just such an invigorating kink to get into.”

Atomic wedgies are his favourite to receive, and boy does he receive a lot of them.

“Something about getting your tighty whities stretched up and over your head is a feeling I cannot compare to others,” he says.

“It’s a sensory thing. From something as simple as gliding your hands on me, to the pulling of a wedgie… I can’t forget the humiliation, I mean that’s why most of my wedgies include tighty whities. If you are going to sell me a wedgie, I want the full fantasy!”

“White briefs just look so good on me. I feel like it compliments my skin tone and shapes me well. Also the embarrassment of it. I still get that rush I would get when I was younger going into the underwear section. Bonus points if there’s another guy there and he sees me pick out the tighty whities.”

With popular social media apps like Instagram and Tumblr cracking down on NSFW content, Zyberbrat says he wishes he could create a specific platform for the wedgie community.

“It would be really cool to have a specific space to find each other – there are plenty of creators out there but it can be hard to find content at times. I feel like if there was a one stop shop to find people, post your pics, and just be yourself, it would be something special.”

He commends the community though for uplifting creators and showcasing people in different lights despite these restrictions.

“Seeing how creative people get with their content is one of my favourite things. Shoutout to long-time collaborator socalwedgiebully on Instagram, who has been one of the best doms in the community right now – he just gets it.”

Hanging wedgie pic of Zyberbrat, posted on socalwedgiebully’s Instagram account

“Jay (wedgie_news_magazine2 on Instagram) has constant updates, stories, community shoutouts, seasonal wedgie olympics, and is an all around good guy.”

“I have to also give a shoutout to one of the last creators you interviewed, Goth Bully, he was my very first meet and it in a way opened the doors for me being comfortable and coming to terms with this kink.”

Hanging wedgie pics from a meetup Zyberbrat had with Goth Bully

For Zyberbrat, it’s connections with other people in this community that has helped him overcome insecurities around fetish.

“Meeting with others and finding someone who shares the bond is an amazing experience and I wish everyone in this community gets to have that,” he says.

“I know a major part of the fetish is embarrassment but truly you don’t need to feel that way about this kink. It’s all in good fun and YOU SHOULD be having fun! Talk with people, interact. I promise you will find a friend on here or someone who feels the same way you do.”

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Wedgie Spotlight: Mike Green (aka It’s Wedgie Time)

Being in the top 3% of all Onlyfans creators, Mike Green has taken over the Wedgie Community with his steamy wedgie roleplay content.

Mike, who also goes by the screen name ‘It’s Wedgie Time’, says that while many of his scenes include real world situations (teacher/student, roommates etc.), the classic bully/nerd dynamic is something that’ll always be prominent in his content.

“There’s something about the jock-in-letterman-jacket-bouncing-a-nerd-by-his-briefs aesthetic that really does it for me and many others. It’s just so iconic.”

Wedgie pics featuring @Zyberbrat on Twitter

Up until 4 years ago, Mike had been in the community as a viewer, frequenting WedgieHaven, Wedgie Buddies and Deviantart and posting fictional wedgie stories online. That all changed when he started posting content of himself online to make connections with people in his area, eventually leading to him regularly producing wedgie and bullying content.

“I now get multiple messages a day from people begging to have me rip their undies into an atomic wedgie and empty their wallet – it’s pretty amazing.”

As for wedgieing people in real life, he’s never had much of an issue finding nerds.

“I had some pretty dorky dudes in the neighbourhood who were around my age growing up – that’s where I got a lot of my real life practice in ????”

Atomic wedgie featuring @ CelebWedgieStories on Instagram

When it comes to incorporating wedgies in his personal life, he’s never shied away from introducing it to the people he’s dated.

“Anyone I’ve been in a relationship or long-term hookup situation with (who wasn’t already in the wedgie community) has been introduced to my wedgie fetish. Of course at first some people giggle, but they usually end up getting into them too. Seriously— men and women I’ve dated have started out thinking it’s a little weird, but then over time slowly began begging for the sensation of me yanking their undies up their asscheeks.”

Mike says these experiences speak to the growing interest in wedgies as a kink.

“I have a feeling they’ll be a very known fetish in the near future – The BDSM / humiliation aspect of it should be easy enough for people to understand once they get over the initial ‘hOw DoEs ThAt TuRn YoU oN’ phase, lol.”

Wedgie featuring @ Zyberbrat on Twitter

For anyone new to the community, Mike encourages creating connections in the community as much as possible.

“Connect with other people in the community, write hot wedgie stories to share with similarly kinky people, maybe take a wedgie pic or two. Just don’t be afraid to admit and indulge in what you’re drawn to.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, wedgies are hot as fuck,” he says.

As for what’s next for wedgie sensation Mike Green: “I want to do sessions with women, 2 bullies vs 1 nerd, me vs 2 nerds, wedgie cuck content, maybe include some more X-rated stuff. The opportunities are endless ????”

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Wedgie Spotlight: Goth Bully

Meet Goth Bully, the Dallas dom making a living giving wedgies.

Wyatt, known in the community as Goth Bully, has been able to pursue domination full-time as of the end of 2020.

“I started out on twitter actually just posting foot fetish content as a way to make some extra cash during COVID. I found the online world of Findom and quickly got into it as it’s an amazing way to dominate and make money, if you know what you’re doing. After I started doing Findom I realized I could incorporate wedgies into my paid virtual domination sessions I’d do online for subs.”

Recreation of a @CarlosRodriDeer artwork, featuring @fabian_g220 on Twitter

“Since around Winter 2020 I’ve been making money that’s substantial enough to pay my bills and living expenses. I always say ‘I make a living giving wedgies’ and I love it! I have experience in being a trained makeup artist and was on a career track to do well for myself in that industry until COVID happened and de-railed that train, but now I have the opportunity to make a living just by showing off fulfilled sexual desires. I’m very happy with that and encourage more people to give it a try!”

Even with their reputation as the bully who’s given wedgies to half the kinky guys in Dallas, Wyatt actually started out as a sub.

“I would sub online for weird men, or very rarely cool men, and the whole time I never really enjoyed it retrospectively. I even subbed for the men I’d meet on Grindr in the beginning (way easier to say “wedgie me?” than “can I wedgie you?”)… it wasn’t fully satisfying. So I decided to try my hand at online domination and loved it.”

Scream (1996) inspired Halloween wedgie featuring @That_kyle420 on Twitter

Besides the underwear itself, Wyatt finds the intersection in power dynamics of helplessness and worship to be the most enjoyable aspect of domination.

“[I enjoy] the humiliation and fantasy of ‘helplessness’ subs have while I’m yanking on something that should be private to them… Nothing quite like being able to explore things so deeply with someone who’s relinquished control and worships the ground you walk on. Also not something to be taken lightly.”

Responsibility as a dom is integral to the experience Wyatt says, naming ‘listening’ as a key skill for good domination.

“Listen to your subs. You have to be a good listener to be a good dom. Also, do not let anyone tell you that you cannot be a dom for any reason. I once had a “dom” tell me I’d never be successful or popular as a dom. I then made $300 off of him and now have 4x as many followers.”

Listening and communication play a role at every step of the process, Wyatt says. Following discussions of appropriate age, limits and boundaries, preparation for a meet-up usually entails being “stocked up on larger size white briefs and [making sure their] BDSM tools are in order.”

“Once the meet happens, it’s usually different every time because I like catering to many different fetishes besides just wedgies [Wyatt says wrestling, bondage, tickling, CBT and oil massages are other kinks they gravitate towards]. Before any wedgies and domination go on I’ll talk with them so it’s more personal and we both understand we’re just people about to do some kinky shit. Then afterwards I am a big advocate for aftercare: head rubbing and praise is my go-to.”

Christmas-themed wedgie pic featuring @fabian_g220 and @Namizo6 on Twitter

To get the best out of their meet-ups, Wyatt usually tries to do something new.

“What makes for a good wedgie meetup to me is fulfilling fantasies and doing something new. If a guy says ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’ or ‘I didn’t even know that was possible,’ all while having a raging boner in his briefs, I know we had fun.”

For the Goth Bully, mutual sexual satisfaction is a must, even when it comes to Grindr hook-ups. Their advice to anyone interested in exploring their sexual interest in wedgies is to “not be ashamed to just tell a guy you’re gonna hookup with ‘Hey, I have this kink’ and see where it takes you… There’s nothing to be ashamed of, you deserve to be just as sexually satisfied as the other person in bed with you.”

On the future for their wedgie platform, Goth Bully says more exciting collaborations and the goal of opening their own adult fetish studio are on the horizon.

“In the future I wanna meet more amazing doms/subs and collaborate to make more fantasies come true and make everyone watching drool. I also possibly wanna expand into studio production and make my own adult fetish studio specifically made for wedgies, by people into wedgies. I have lots of ideas and plans that I call ‘3 year plans’ because 5 years is too long, so I guess we’ll see!”

You can follow Goth Bully on Instagram, Twitter, Onlyfans and JustForFans.

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Wedgie Spotlight: Tomas Lucianna

Tommy, who goes by the social media handle TomasLucianna, has become somewhat of a household name among wedgie stans, amassing almost 2k followers on Twitter. But for Tommy, his involvement in the online wedgie community feels natural.

“I used to lurk on iFunny and Tumblr for wedgies, but I never posted. I started posting when I got my own dorm room in college and I could hang myself from the bunk beds (and in the communal showers haha). When the pandemic hit, I was bored at home and decided to make an OnlyFans for some extra pennies,” he says.

“I got into wedgies after seeing it on TV as a child. The wedgie scene in Code Name: Kids Next Door where Number 4 was absolutely humiliated by those bullies… It was truly an awakening moment for me: I knew wedgies made me feel funny downstairs even before I knew what masturbating was.”

Wedgies have since become an integral part of Tommy’s relationship with self-pleasure, with viewing wedgie content such as pictures and videos (as well as other “wild shit to get [himself] off”) playing a significant role in his sexual pleasures.

“I love when guys show face during a wedgie. It’s so hot seeing them scrunch up their noses and their chin goes back and they’re in visible pain. I know there’s a lot of weirdos on here that try to blackmail you if you show face (which is why I don’t) but there are some accounts that do show face and it’s extremely hot.”

When asked his favourite aspect of wedgies, Tommy says it’s the sensation.

“It is painful, yes, but the pleasure drowns out the pain when your adrenaline kicks in. I’ve dominated guys who don’t have a wedgie fetish – it just feels painful for them. But they like the pain, and I get off on knowing they like pain.”

Tommy has recently started exploring his more dominant side, saying that he enjoys the bully/nerd dynamic for its exchange of power, humiliation and status, especially when done with underwear deemed uncool like tighty whities.

“My Dommy Tommy persona came as a joke when I was submitting to a Bully. He let me ‘try’ (poorly) to dominate him and I would call myself Dommy Tommy in response to him calling me Tommy Wommy. I think it helps my experience with being a Dom since I’ve sub’ed; a lot of Dominants request you to do wild things they’ve never indulged in or tried, so when I make my submissives do certain things, it comes from having experience doing it myself,” he says.

And Tommy’s favourite wedgie?

Hanging wedgie. It’s total helplessness. You’re at the mercy of gravity. Only way down is if your undies rip or if someone lets you down,” he says.

This hanging wedgie appreciation also bleeds into the ‘ideal wedgie shot’, which for him is “complete hanging.” In this, the wedgie victim is suspended freely from one fixed point with no wall to lean on and showing “as much of the undies as possible.”

Creating unique and artistic wedgie shots is part of what incites Tommy to post wedgie and kink-related content.

“I’m an artistic person. I do photography and fashion and makeup in real life; I just had equipment on hand to take my wedgie pictures. I’m also sad a lot. My wedgie content is a creative outlet, sexual outlet, emotional outlet. It’s all muddled together,” he says.

Tommy encourages anyone thinking about exploring their interest in wedgies to “just do it.”

“Stop being a little bitch. Life is too short. Who cares if people think you’re weird. Just get consent and don’t post children and you’re gucci.”

On his future plans for world domination: “I would like to start doing meet-ups with people. That’s not too easily available considering I live in the boonies, as well as coronavirus… but stay tuned.”

Follow Tommy on Twitter at @TomasLucianna, and subscribe to his Onlyfans at