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Hotel Jock: Chapter 4


Joy surrounding him. People all around in a united trance. Long after the party ends, it resurrects itself in Danny’s dreams, the four on the floor beat orchestrating his slumber on the wet ground of the warehouse. He doesn’t remember waking up, just that at some point the rave in his mind slowly began to fade, leaving behind the dimly lit grey walls that have been quiet for some time now.

To his left, he spots Jenny who’s still asleep and lying with one leg sprawled across a stranger. He’s about to get up when directly in front of him, he clocks Evan and Aidan curled up in one another in the corner. He rubs his eyes, questioning if he’s actually transitioned to reality, but their bodies remain twisted in one another, their faces just a breath apart. Narrowly avoiding tripping over the sleeping bodies, he forces his way outside.

The cool morning air does nothing to quell the disappointment pulsing to his heart. The first boy he kissed and the hottest boy he’s ever seen (who he was supposed to hook up with) together in each other’s arms. The image is locked in his mind. Things were less complicated when he was a fresh-faced virgin gay who’d never so much as kissed a boy. Now all he can think about is those boys who made him feel so special kissing other boys, kissing their boyfriends that they don’t even want. Imagine having someone who has vowed to love you forever and discarding him.

Outside the warehouse, there’s a few people lingering around. Seeing the array of vehicles pooled down the road, Danny decides to head straight for them. He soon reaches the golf buggy they arrived on and pauses in front of it, but decides to leave it be. A few metres away, there’s a rentable e-scooter he resolves to take instead. He boots up the app and within a couple minutes, he’s kicked off and rolling down the driveway.

“Hey! Wait up!”

He grinds to a halt. When it’s Aidan jogging towards him, a sadistic blend of relief and dread flushes his cheeks the brightest of reds.



The sound of diarrhoea rips into the toilet in the stall next to him. Guy groans. With his hand (that he can’t remember if it’s clean), he wipes the drool that has pooled on his chin and sits up. He’s still in his clothes from the day before, or was it the day before that? He goes to sniff to check, but decides it’s probably better if he doesn’t figure it out.

Back in his office, there’s a sticky note sitting on top of the paperwork that’s been piling up since Tuesday. Call Garett ASAP! His heart sinks. He must’ve missed a call from Garett throughout all this Ricky mess. In the past when he’s been told to call his boss, it’s usually been about complaints he’s received or a negative performance review. Very rarely has it ever been to talk about something good Guy’s done in the organisation.

Garett picks up after one ring. “Janet says you were MIA all day yesterday. Where have you been?” Straight to business, as usual.

“I’ve just been taking care of the festivities down at the beach.”

“Yes, about that – reception’s been receiving some complaints about a very strange man in a Red Snakes uniform who’s been skulking around the beach and giving people weird looks. Would you mind telling me why that’s taking precedence over fixing the care package restocking issue that’s been going on for a week now?” Guy tries to explain himself but he just gets bulldozed over. “I don’t appreciate half my inbox being about how my incompetent events coordinator is zombieing around the Gold Coast’s highest rated resort like it’s some haunted house attraction.”

“But sir, don’t you think keeping the resort safe from toolies is more important than some stupid care packages?”

“Care packages are VERY important. You think those 18-year olds would be applying sunscreen if it weren’t for the little 15ml bottles in those packages? Or they’d be keeping their lips moisturised if it weren’t for the lip balms we provide? Don’t put yourself above a care package.”


“And I don’t give a fuck about a couple of toolies. We get them every year. I give a fuck about you doing your job, and from what I’ve heard, the hotel’s turned into an utter crackhouse!”

“Yes sir, I’ll—”

“You’ve got until the end of the day to have new supplies on their way, or you and I are going to have a serious chat about your future at this company.”

The line goes dead, which Guy doesn’t hear as he’s yelling obscenities at the ceiling.



“How did you find the party?” Danny asks.

It’s been several minutes of them riding the one e-scooter through the suburban streets in silence, bodies pressed uncomfortably close to each other. Aidan hasn’t stopped thinking about lying there in Evan’s arms. How even in sleep, his body clung to his. How it felt when his slow exhale of air brushed against his face. Lying there in the early hours of the morning, he’d realised that it was the first time all week that he’d woken up in someone’s arms.

He tries to blink his eyes awake. “Good, yeah. That was some party.”

“Yeah, it was great…” Danny trails off. “Never been to anything like that in my life.”

“Me neither,” Aidan admits, secretly preferring when they weren’t speaking. Out of the corner of his eye, he thinks he sees Danny go to say something, but nothing leaves his mouth.

Silence resumes as they traverse a park that Danny’s phone map says is a shortcut back to the hotel. Back to the hotel. His pre-prepared lie scrolls through his mind’s eye like a teleprompter. I needed some space so I went for a walk. I bumped into some friends from primary school who I hadn’t seen in ages and, exhausted from the nights of relentless partying, we had a chill campfire in the backyard of their Airbnb and also my phone died and also we slept under the stars.

When they reach the hotel, they dump the scooter out the front and share an awkward goodbye. Danny says he’s going for a walk, so Aidan enters the hotel alone, dread building as the elevator claws its way to the 2nd floor. He checks his phone and for a millisecond finds solace in the absence of notifications, but the reality of his Do Not Disturb setting being on since yesterday afternoon swiftly shatters that solace.

He unlocks the door, opening it to find Leo standing over Vikram at the dining table. They’re both watching something on Vikram’s phone, which doesn’t become clear until after several seconds, when Aidan hears Jenny’s familiar high-pitched squeal. They look up, mouths slightly agape at his sudden reappearance.

“What’s this?” Vikram asks, holding his phone up. Getting a good look at it now, he realises it’s a video taken at the gay rave last night. Rina Sawayama is blaring and Danny, Evan and Jenny can be seen dancing amongst a crowd. At the top of the screen, he recognises his own profile picture and username. “This just came on your story, like, five minutes ago.”

“Uh…” Aidan stammers, dropping his backpack to the ground and pulling out his own phone to get his Instagram up. He doesn’t even remember posting that video yet there it is on his story. The timestamp reveals it was made at 6.31pm last night, but it must’ve just been posted this morning as it has only 11 views.

Leo gets up. “I’m gonna let you two hash this out.” He nods at Vikram, whose gaze remains fixed on Aidan in confusion.

“I called you like 10 times last night. I didn’t even know if you were still in the state or if you were safe, and this whole time you were just out partying?”

“So— yeah, I mean…” Aidan stutters, desperately searching his mental script for anything he can salvage. “I, um— I was— yeah, I was out. Partying, that is. Last night.”

“And you couldn’t even text me to let me know?”

“I made some new friends and I honestly just lost track of time. I’m sorry, babe.”

“You’ve just been acting so weird this whole trip.”

Aidan falters, letting the weight of that sentence hang in the air for a bit. “I mean, let’s not act like you didn’t do the same thing to me the night before.” Vikram looks taken aback, but he doesn’t stop. “Worried sick, waiting for you to tell me where you were – that was me all of yesterday.”

“You didn’t call me—”

“And did you call me to tell me where you were?”

Neither speak for a while. Aidan’s so used to being able to tell exactly what Vikram’s thinking from his facial expressions, but when he looks now, all he sees is an absent frown.

“So you really just met some new friends and partied last night?” Vikram eventually asks.



“And you?”

“Yeah, partied with Leo and Aimee and them.”

And them. “Cool.”

Aidan clicks his tongue. “Well, I better shower. Y’know, after the long night.”

Vikram gestures for him to do as he pleases and he goes to take off his shoes when he shudders still. On his feet aren’t the red Adidas joggers he’s worn all week, but instead a pair of white Nike Air-Force Ones with dried vomit-stains splattered on the top. A gasp leaves his throat before he can stop it, and he quickly glances at Vikram, locking eyes with him. They stay like this for way too long.

He chuckles, forcefully. “Put on the wrong shoes.” Vikram just nods slowly as he darts to the bathroom and quickly shuts the door.



“You need to come back,” Josh says over the phone.

“You know that if I step even one foot in that hotel, that wanker’s gonna be all over me.”

“Just look at the videos I’m about to send to you.”

Ricky’s by the shore a few kilometres down from the resort. To his left, a young family heading out to get an early morning swim in. The boy (presumably the older brother) holds his younger sister’s hand as they gallop to the water, squealing with glee as the cold water pools around their feet. The father and mother are laughing, holding each other as this moment is snapped forever in their memories. How touching, Ricky thinks to himself. Although he’s sure he sold MDMA to the father just last night.

“Got it?”

Ricky opens up WhatsApp and scrolls down to find three videos sent by Josh. He plays the first, the second, the third, but they’re all pretty much the same – some house party where he can hear Danny’s voice screaming over the top.

“These just synced to the iCloud on his laptop this morning. You hear that? Lady Gaga. Rina Sawayama. Slayyyter.” Josh pauses for dramatic effect. “You see where I’m going with this?”

“Wait, so he is straight?”


“They’re all women you mentioned. I’m assuming if he likes them, then he like-a the ladies.”

“No, dude. I, uh, have a gay cousin, who’s actually not that bad; he ain’t that faggy and that. He told me that poofs go crazy for these female pop stars like Lady Gaga. And look! Shirtless men all dancing with one another.”

“You might be onto something here. God, where would I be without my best bro?”



When Danny returns to the flat, he’s not surprised to find it empty, the air in the room stale like no one’s opened a window for days. He is surprised though to find it pretty much how he left it Tuesday night, with remnants of the party (or the hetero rave as Jenny had kept calling it) cluttering much of the floorspace. He wades through the mess to his room, which he’s glad to find only has a couple of beer cans on the floor.

With working Wifi once again, he goes through his videos from last night, choosing one of Jenny attempting to belly dance but ending up wheezing on the floor to post to his close friends story. Checking his notifications, he’s dismayed to find neither Evan, Jenny nor Aidan have followed him back. What he does find though are several messages from Ricky, received within the last hour.

You attend some faggot convention last night boy? 8:20pm

Below the message is a slightly-blurry photo from the rave last night. Unfortunately for Danny, his mouth pressed firmly inside Aidan’s mouth is completely in focus.

When were you gonna tell me you were a poofter dude? 8:20pm
After all this time Josh and I spent trying to hook you up with hot girls 8:20pm
Can’t believe we wasted our time on a fucking homo 8:22pm

Danny locks his phone, determined to avoid reading the rest of the messages. It finally happened; Ricky knows. He tries to take a deep breath to quell his spiralling mind, but suddenly the room’s stuffiness is suffocating him. Flinging his phone to the ground, he grabs his room key and bolts out of the room, not stopping until his bare feet are caked with a few kilometres’ worth of sand.



This is the most awkward lunch Vikram’s ever had in his entire life. There’s technically three of them in the conversation, but it’s more a one-woman monologue performed by Aimee, with him and his boyfriend being the two audience members who keep catching each other’s eye and looking away. Even now as he pummels more scrambled eggs into his mouth as Aimee’s blabbing about her skincare routine, Aidan can’t even keep his eye contact for more than a split second.

“Coconut oil, huh,” Vikram mutters.

“Yeah, pure unrefined coconut oil twice a day,” Aimee says gleefully, oblivious to the fact that she’s the only one who wants to be there.

“Babe, you tried coconut oil a few times didn’t you?” Vikram offers.

“Sure did,” Aidan nods, staring down the fork on his plate.

Vikram exhales rather loudly. If his own boyfriend who was meant to be his fiancé in 24 hours isn’t even going to look at him, then what’s the point of sitting here and pretending to be cordial?

“So a campfire under the stars sounds fun. Maybe we can join tonight and meet your friends?” Aimee asks.

“Oh, they’ve, um, already left,” Aidan mumbles.

“Left before the last night of Schoolies? Who even does that?” Aimee exclaims, taking a swig of her martini. “Well we can do one just the five of us, right?”

Aidan doesn’t say anything, just prods his half-eaten burger with his fork. When prompted again by Aimee, he nods. “Can’t wait to do that with the five of us, right Vikram?”

Vikram gives an exaggerated scoff. To his surprise, Aidan turns to stare directly at him, his face completely expressionless. Next to them (although it might as well be on the other side of the country), Aimee chuckles nervously. “Leo should be getting back from his jog anytime soon—”

“What’s your problem?” Vikram blurts.

Aidan raises one eyebrow. “What?”

“Why are you being so weird?”

“I’m literally just sitting here eating my burger.”

“Well judging by the two bites you’ve taken, you’re not doing very well at that.”

Aidan’s fork clatters onto the plate loudly, causing a few nearby guests to glance in their direction. From the corner of his eye, Vikram spots Aimee looking absolutely mortified.

“You’ve abandoned me this whole trip, you’re always spending time with Charlie and people you don’t even like, but then the second I do the same you go completely batshit!”

“It’s not my fault that we came to Schoolies and every night you’d rather stay in bed than go out and party.”

“Well maybe that’s because I don’t wanna watch my boyfriend suck off some guy he just met!”

Aidan jolts up, sending his chair flying back a metre or so. There are tears welling in his eyes, but Vikram can tell he’s fighting every urge to cry right now. He stands up too. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I saw you two on the beach Tuesday night, I saw you cheat with my own eyes.”

“CHEAT? You’re the one wearing some random guy’s vomit-stained shoes, wanna tell me where you got them from? Because if I’m not mistaken, they belong to that twink with that tragic dye job who’s the spitting image of your ex!”

“Go fuck Charlie you cheating liar!” Aidan snaps, heading straight for the door.

A second after he’s gone, Leo comes jogging in, his running gear soaked in sweat. “Hey guys, what did I miss?”

Vikram glares at the ground as Aimee’s left stammering, struggling to articulate what just happened.



If Guy has to make one more bloody phone call about the care packages.

When Claudio clocks in for his shift, Guy immediately drags him into his office. “Claudio, I’ve been grounded. I need you to continue the mission for me.”

“Sir, with all due respect, aren’t there any other volunteers you can call on?

“You’re the only one I can trust not to rat me out to Garett. Besides, don’t you want revenge for that blood-curdling hanging wedgie?”

“I kinda just wanna move on, actually,” he sighs. “Fixating on this won’t get you anywhere, dude. My therapist shared this great mantra with me the other week—”

“And what, let that fucker win? Guys like him always win. For once, I just want to see the smug look on his face when I—”

The sudden appearance of a man entering room 207 on the security cam footage grabs both their attention. “Shit that’s— that’s—” Guy doesn’t even finish his thought and just darts for the door. Before going, he turns back for a brief moment. “You keep your eyes on the cams. If anyone asks, I’m in warehouse forklifting in new supplies.”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Guy mutters under his breath, furiously pressing the elevator button dozens of times before its doors open. He might not have Ricky, but Ricky’s friend is all the lead he needs. He reemerges onto the 2nd floor and within seconds has the door to room 207 flung open, revealing a stunned Danny who himself is right in front of the door, suitcase in one hand behind him and swipe card in the other.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere,” he says, closing the door behind him and taking a few steps towards him. “I remember you from the first night. You’re wedgie boy – Ricky’s friend.”

Danny seems taken aback, stuttering for a couple seconds. “Um, I— I actually don’t think he’d call me that as of last night.”

“What? He’s staying in this room, room 207, right?”

Danny nods, clutching the handle of his suitcase tight. “He is and I’m sure whatever trouble he’s gotten into you can sort out with him. I really have to go now.”

Guy doesn’t budge, continuing to block his access to the door. “If you bring me to him, you’re free to leave.”

Tears begin forming in the corner of Danny’s eyes, and he seems to struggle to keep them back. “I don’t know where he is, can you please just let me—”

“Is there anything you want? Pack of red snakes? A bigger room? Or— I know, we’ll extend your stay for two nights, free of charge. Is that what you want?”

“Just let me get out of here!” Danny yells, pushing his suitcase to the ground, tears well and truly coming down now. He begins to bawl, leaving Guy standing there confused and unsure what to do with his hands. After a few more sobs, he cries, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”

“Oh gosh,” Guy mumbles, fidgeting with his hands. He eventually resolves to gingerly pat him on the shoulder. “I’m sure whoever she is, you’re better off.”

“What? I’m gay as fuck, man,” he snivels.


“It’s like everyone else gets to have a boyfriend and sleep with all the men they want, and here I am – I’m a butt virgin. My old friends hate me, my new friends won’t follow me back and I’m just never ever gonna be in love. I’m unloveable!”

Guy watches as he stands there, wiping his nose and blinking back the rest of his tears. His eyes wander to the clock on the wall, 5:30pm. He needs to find Ricky ASAP before any of the other staff notices he’s gone, but he’s gonna get nowhere with this boy in his snivelling state. This is his last shot at finding Ricky, he might not get another chance.

He cups Danny’s face with his hand. “You are not unloveable. And as for the virgin stuff, well… maybe I can help with that.”

His lips are wet and salty from the tears, but he leans into it. He feels him reciprocate, letting their mouths engage in this fast, almost enraged dance. His right hand still cupping his face, he pulls his body close to his with his other hand. Soon he’s carrying Danny with his legs around his waist, their making out growing hotter and faster as desire takes control.

“Where?” Guy grunts between kisses, gripping his body tightly as he hovers between the bedrooms.

“First on the right.”

Guy leads them there, but through the fury of passion (and with Danny’s body blocking his sight), he accidentally steers into the bathroom, banging the wall in an attempt to overcorrect and knocking the light switch from its socket. They erupt into laughter as they’re flooded in darkness. “Don’t worry, they’re super cheap. I’ll do a maintenance request later.”

Danny jumps off Guy’s waist, deciding instead to lead him to his room by pulling on his belt buckle instead.



Drink in hand, vape in the other hand, he’s not thinking about Aidan. Clumped together in the mosh pit, his body being touched on all sides and he’s not thinking about Aidan. Filming videos of Charlie giving Aimee a piggyback ride for his Insta story and he’s not thinking about Aidan. And when Charlie’s hand brushes against his and lingers, he’s definitely not thinking about Aidan.

The song changes to some old LMFAO hit and all the straight people in the crowd lose their shit. Taking this as his cue to have a breather, Vikram exits the mosh and finds a spot under a tree that’s bare, save for a few red solo cups surrounding it and a condom hanging from a branch. Plopping himself on the ground, he massages his forehead, wishing the noises of the crowd and the music and his deafening thoughts of Aidan would all just stop and let him be in peace.

“You ok?” The voice slices through the cacophony in his mind. Charlie is the exact opposite of the peace he needs right now. “Look, I know we haven’t had a chance to talk since yesterday, but if you really wanna live your life in holy monogamy then I guess there’s—”

Vikram silences him by putting his lips onto his. Charlie’s lips, Charlie’s tongue, Charlie’s spit in his mouth. Aidan still in his mind.

Charlie pulls away after a few moments of steamy makeout, but Vikram interrupts. “Shut up. Just shut up and follow me.”


“We’re done. He’s cheating on me with some twink rat, so I’m cheating on him. But we’re done, so, it’s not even cheating.”

He grabs Charlie’s hand and pulls him away from the mass of people, running across the sand like two boys who are late for class. It’s not until they’ve reached a part of the beach the rave hasn’t touched that Charlie forces him to stop and face him.

“We left Aimee by herself.”

“Leo said he’d join after his jog. He’s probably with her now.”

“So you and Aidan are over, officially?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“Two days ago I was helping you practise your proposal. I don’t wanna get in the middle of some civil partnership.”

“And one day ago you tried to kiss me.”

“Again, I thought you two had an open thing going, and you looked sad so I wanted to cheer you up. Don’t you kiss your friends on the cheek sometimes?”

“No, because Aidan and I are— were committed to each other and we don’t cheat! Or, well, we usually…” Vikram trails off, his anger faltering to complete silence.

“All the gay men I know are openly affectionate with each other while still maintaining healthy relationships and clear boundaries,” Charlie rebuts.

“Dude are we fucking or not?”

There’s a long pause before he replies. With each second that passes, the daunting reality of Vikram’s adrenaline-fuelled escapism crashing in. But when Charlie eventually nods, another shot surges through his body. Pulling his body to his, he pantses the cargo shorts he was wearing and inches the semi-erect dick into his mouth. Moans propel him forward, his head bobbing quicker and quicker as all the competing thoughts in his mind vanish and he’s left with just one as he sucks Charlie’s dick: Aidan.



Aidan has viewed Vikram’s story of him and Charlie at the rave probably 16 times, or maybe 25. It soon hits him that he’s spent more time lying in bed thinking about Vikram than he has actually spending time with him this whole trip. He opens Uber Eats, his finger hovering over a $20 delivery of a pint of ice cream, but a text message stops him. It’s from Evan. Whatcha up to? 😉

Twenty minutes later when there’s a knock on his door, Aidan opens it to find Evan looking as dashingly hot as he was the night before. The door hasn’t even closed behind him and their lips are locked, bodies mashing together as they both struggle to remove all items of clothing while engaged in the furious makeout. When Aidan’s jeans eventually drop to reveal his nicest bright red aussieBum jockstrap, Evan chuckles and shoves him onto the bed.



Bodies on bodies. Mouths on mouths. Bodies in mouths. Bodies in bodies.

Evan spanks Aidan’s bare ass cheek, his corresponding moan lost on Evan’s lips.

Guy tugs on Danny’s black briefs, murmuring in his ear if he likes that wedgie, to which he nods, whimpering.

Charlie shoves Vikram’s face into his crotch, facefucking him until he chokes, pushing his dick out of his mouth but whispering a few moments later, “Again.”

Thrust. Spit. Fuck. Spank. Tug. Pull. Bite.

Danny winces as Guy’s dick slides into him. Every urge is telling him to reject his dick, for his tight walls to return to their empty comfort. When he’s asked if it hurts, he nods. But he takes it, eliciting a “good boy” from Guy.

All Aidan can do is moan as Evan releases his balls from his mouth. They kiss, but quickly dissolve into laughter as Aidan pulls away, picking a loose pube from his teeth. “Wanna see something hot?” Evan grabs his feet and flings his legs behind his head. Straining his neck forward, he starts to suck the head of his own penis. Following his directions, Aidan lightly pounds his balls with his fists, causing him to moan as he continues the self-pleasure.

Licking the cum off his lips, Vikram stands up and kisses Charlie, depositing it in his mouth. He pulls away, stroking his dick. “How do you feel about toe sucking?” He perches himself on a tree stump and tosses his white socks onto the sand. He pulls Charlie’s face into his feet, being able to smell the day’s stink from where he sits. When he starts to lick in-between his toes, his head tilts back and he starts pumping his own rock-hard dick.

Suck. Stroke. Shove. Smack. Squeeze. Swallow. Fucking and fucking and fucking. Fucking until everything is fucked.



She stands with bated breath in front of room 219, her head leaning against the door. Behind her, the long hallway stretches on and on, and she catches herself continually sneaking glances to make sure it remains empty. Closing her eyes, she listens intently to the soft sound of rough sex emitting from inside. She makes out a “fuck yeah” and a “harder!”, but she stays standing still. If he doesn’t hurry this up, she starts to think, when she suddenly hears—

“I’m gonna fuck you all night long, private-school boy.” It’s her cue.

As soundlessly as she can, she twists the knob and tiptoes into the suite. The lights are off everywhere except for the bedroom, which is lit up by a bedside lamp. The shadow of some gnarly beast (or two men having sex) is cast across the bare wall. Step, step, step; she carefully treads toward the bedroom to find the bodies in the exact position Evan had described – Aidan facedown on the bed receiving the ramming of his life. She catches Evan’s eye, but he just watches her as she slowly paces across the bedroom, a silent witness to the sexual activity.

Eventually Evan’s eyesight dips to Jenny’s right – the bedside table. She gets on all-fours and crawls toward it like a snake emerging from camouflage. Just a few inches away from her is Aidan’s head pressed into the pillows. She reaches up to the table and grabs the iPad laying on it. She’s about to turn back when Aidan’s head suddenly shifts to face her. She almost drops the iPad, holding her breath as she waits for him to open his eyes. But he doesn’t, his face lost in the pleasure-fuelled slumber.

Wriggling her way back around to the other side of the bed, she grabs the laptop, Kindle and phones before quickly tiptoeing out to the living room. Being far away enough to breathe again, she shudders out a few relieved sighs before returning to the operation.

She pulls out a collapsable baggy from her pocket and places the electronics into it. She then moves to the kitchen, grabbing anything of value she can find – a blender, a carbonator, an antique coffee pot. She shoves them all into a separate baggy and dumps them in front of the door. Folding out the last baggy from her pocket, she returns to the bedroom and cautiously prongs open the suitcases. She finds an extra laptop, as well as some rather expensive skincare, eyeing the fucking that’s occurring in her peripheral as she quietly yet efficiently bags them up.

Having finished her rummaging around, she nods to Evan as she grabs all three bags and sneaks out of the suite. The door slowly shuts behind, the ball-slapping drowned out by the victorious adrenaline rushing through her head.



“You like that?” Guy growls in his thick, low Aussie accent. Danny just whimpers.

He’s never had sex like this. Granted, two days ago he’d never had sex. But to be lusted this way, to be fucked this way. The thrusting, the nipple-biting, the moaning, the wedgies— FUCK, the wedgies. Everything about this is like his deepest sex fantasy.

“So about Ricky,” Guy says, his pelvis thrusting into him rhythmically like a clock ticking the seconds away. “Any idea where he’d be?”

“Um…” Danny closes his eyes, trying to focus while keeping his tight butt virgin hole open wide. “I haven’t seen him since Tuesday.”

“You haven’t got him on Find My iPhone?”


“Oh, right.” He’s silent for a second. “I’m close, by the way. So was it you or him who booked the room?”

“Me,” Danny gasps, feeling the orgasm oozing into him.

“Right,” he replies, consummating the climax with one final thrust.

The door banging shut startles them both. When Danny turns his head, he’s met with Ricky standing in the doorway with a face of confusion and disgust. A feral, inarticulate sound escapes Guy’s lips, and before Danny can protest, he’s withdrawn his still-climaxing penis from his anus and is feverishly scrambling to pull his shorts up. He bolts after Ricky, who’s already out the door.

Cum oozing out of him, Danny begins to weep.



Vikram’s several minutes into rawdogging Charlie and he’s feeling ecstatic. 

While rearranging his position, he trips, falling onto a shrub of grass by the tree. It takes Charlie a second to turn around and realise what’s happened, but he giggles, offering a hand to help him up.

“There’s a wall over there that might be good for… you know,” Charlie mumbles, slurring his words together, the speed clearly kicking in.

Vikram nods, taking his hand and leading him further into their fantasy hideaway. They go behind the tree they were leaning on and past a rock pool, making their way to a small clearing where the edge of a cliff makes a very handy wall. They’ve barely stepped into the clearing though when it immediately becomes apparent that this wall is occupied, taken up by Leo, in his jogging gear, getting fucked in the ass by a man.

Vikram halts, thrusting his arm out to stop Charlie. They stand there, the silent bystanders privy to Leo’s queer affairs. The way his back is arched and the way his mouth is flung agape, the heavy panting echoing so loudly it’s hard to believe they’re just now hearing it. Seeing him be utterly fucked like this has Vikram speechless.

With a tap on the shoulder, Charlie indicates their exit. The pair edge carefully back the way they came, eyes trained on Leo and the man. He doesn’t see them, but he doesn’t need to. They’ve seen him and that’s all that matters.



Flying down the hall and down the emergency exit stairs, Ricky can hear the banging of shoes on the hard floor mere seconds behind him. He’d gone up to the room to sneak out a change of shorts, as the ones he’s wearing have three too many stains on them, but of course the fucker was right there waiting for him, dick all the way up in Danny’s ass. Damn, is everyone at this resort gay? He knows this is a post-Modern Family world that he lives in, but did he really have to meet every single gay person to ever exist at this one resort?

Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Guy’s hand reach for him. The pursuit plays out in slow motion. He’s running and running, but his legs can’t take him fast enough; it’s like he’s in a dream. He’s almost to the front doors when out of nowhere, the other Red Snakes twerp appears from the side and tackles him to the ground. His fingertips just clutch the door before he collapses to the ground.

“You mad cunt, Claudio!” Guy yells, joining in on pinning him to the ground. He spits on his face. “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, fucker.”



The hotel lobby is still, the humming of the air conditioner the only noise being made. Not even reception is staffed at the moment, leaving Vikram to woozily stumble his way through the bare lobby and into the elevator.

Go fuck Charlie you cheating liar!

Echoes from this long day whisper their way to Vikram’s ears, as if coming from the closed doors that line the level 2 hallway. Charlie’s breaths, the way his neck felt curled in his arm. Aidan’s cold glares, the way his hair tussled as he stormed out of the hotel diner. How light Charlie’s murmurs were in his ear when it was done, how long the rasp in Aidan’s hoarse voice echoed throughout the room. The convergence of his whirling thoughts lies at the end of this corridor, yet his depleted mind almost invites whatever argument or tantrum or breaking up awaits him in Room 219.

What’s waiting for him though isn’t an argument or tantrum or break-up. There’s no shouting, no door-slamming, no things being thrown in his direction. Instead he finds an empty suite – the kitchen is bare, his grandmother’s antique coffee pot gone. The door to the bedroom has been left completely ajar, and as he walks toward it he can make out the two suitcases sprawled open, his laptop missing, clothes just flung around. And on the bed lies a naked, unmoving Aidan, face-down with a filled condom wrapper on his buttcheeks.

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