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Keeping Politics Separate from the Wedgie Community

Someone I follow (well, used to follow) recently made a tweet supporting the idea of removing transgender people from the LGBTQIA+ community (i.e. removing the “T” from the “LGB”). Naturally they were called out by a bunch of people and they deleted their tweet, but in and amongst the people speaking out against this, there were also some people who voiced the opinion that it shouldn’t matter a wedgie creator’s political views, and that we should keep politics separate from the wedgie community. And while I disagree, I wanted to openly discuss why it’s so important to me to be politically-spoken on my wedgie accounts.

Like the rest of us, I’m part of this community to see some darn good wedgies. I love hopping on after not being online for a few days and seeing all the hot new wedgie pics and videos – in fact one of my favourite pastimes is just lying in bed in a shoulder wedgie and scrolling through my wedgie feed. A lot of the time when I’m engaging with the community, my intentions are solely focused on this sexual interest I have in my wedgie kink, and politics is usually the last thing on my mind.

But here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, this community is inherently political. We are all operating from environments and upbringings and identities in our respective societies that are political, and to demand that this space be depoliticised is not actually possible.

We’re currently facing an increasing rise of transphobia, as many societies around the world move to push forward legislation that would ban transgender people from public life. Laws like Oklahoma’s 2022 anti-trans bathroom bill and Utah banning minors from accessing gender affirming healthcare are quickly becoming an alarming reality, with many pointing out that 8 of the 10 stages of genocide have already occurred when it comes to transgender people.

Witnessing some of my queer cisgender mutuals share these views has been jarring, especially since it wasn’t that long ago that these same narratives were being used to oppress gay people (and arguably still are used to some extent). The narrative that transgender people are perverted and coerce children into doing harmful things, and are brainwashing society by purely existing, are the exact same narratives weaponised against queer people (particularly queer men) just a couple decades ago. It’s ironic to me that some cisgender queer people are now regurgitating those same narratives, as if the cishet conservatives who originally spouted them aren’t also praying on your downfall.

It is important now more than ever to stand in solidarity with our trans siblings, and with those in our community who embody any marginalised identity. The wedgie community doesn’t need to be depoliticised, quite frankly it needs the opposite – we should be talking about this more and we should be using our voices and our platforms to support our most oppressed members. I understand many of us come to this community for an escape from the harsh realities of our daily lives, but if that escape involves the reinforcement of oppressive structures, is it really an escape or do you just want a space where you can regurgitate harmful ideologies without being criticised?

To deny transgender people and their allies the freedom to stand up for themselves and denounce transphobia is in itself an expression of political belief, because you are upholding the ideology that transgender people have no claim to a community that was founded by trans people. If you remain silent when you see someone advocating for the removal of trans people from the LGBT+ community, but you criticise anyone who speaks out against transphobia, you need to take a hard look at where your priorities lie. Because if the hill you’re willing to die on is letting people in this community advocate for the exclusion of trans people, then you’re not invested in this community, you’re just invested in transphobia.

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