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Wedgie Spotlight: Mike Green (aka It’s Wedgie Time)

Being in the top 3% of all Onlyfans creators, Mike Green has taken over the Wedgie Community with his steamy wedgie roleplay content.

Mike, who also goes by the screen name ‘It’s Wedgie Time’, says that while many of his scenes include real world situations (teacher/student, roommates etc.), the classic bully/nerd dynamic is something that’ll always be prominent in his content.

“There’s something about the jock-in-letterman-jacket-bouncing-a-nerd-by-his-briefs aesthetic that really does it for me and many others. It’s just so iconic.”

Wedgie pics featuring @Zyberbrat on Twitter

Up until 4 years ago, Mike had been in the community as a viewer, frequenting WedgieHaven, Wedgie Buddies and Deviantart and posting fictional wedgie stories online. That all changed when he started posting content of himself online to make connections with people in his area, eventually leading to him regularly producing wedgie and bullying content.

“I now get multiple messages a day from people begging to have me rip their undies into an atomic wedgie and empty their wallet – it’s pretty amazing.”

As for wedgieing people in real life, he’s never had much of an issue finding nerds.

“I had some pretty dorky dudes in the neighbourhood who were around my age growing up – that’s where I got a lot of my real life practice in ????”

Atomic wedgie featuring @ CelebWedgieStories on Instagram

When it comes to incorporating wedgies in his personal life, he’s never shied away from introducing it to the people he’s dated.

“Anyone I’ve been in a relationship or long-term hookup situation with (who wasn’t already in the wedgie community) has been introduced to my wedgie fetish. Of course at first some people giggle, but they usually end up getting into them too. Seriously— men and women I’ve dated have started out thinking it’s a little weird, but then over time slowly began begging for the sensation of me yanking their undies up their asscheeks.”

Mike says these experiences speak to the growing interest in wedgies as a kink.

“I have a feeling they’ll be a very known fetish in the near future – The BDSM / humiliation aspect of it should be easy enough for people to understand once they get over the initial ‘hOw DoEs ThAt TuRn YoU oN’ phase, lol.”

Wedgie featuring @ Zyberbrat on Twitter

For anyone new to the community, Mike encourages creating connections in the community as much as possible.

“Connect with other people in the community, write hot wedgie stories to share with similarly kinky people, maybe take a wedgie pic or two. Just don’t be afraid to admit and indulge in what you’re drawn to.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, wedgies are hot as fuck,” he says.

As for what’s next for wedgie sensation Mike Green: “I want to do sessions with women, 2 bullies vs 1 nerd, me vs 2 nerds, wedgie cuck content, maybe include some more X-rated stuff. The opportunities are endless ????”

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