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Wedgie Spotlight: Tomas Lucianna

Tommy, who goes by the social media handle TomasLucianna, has become somewhat of a household name among wedgie stans, amassing almost 2k followers on Twitter. But for Tommy, his involvement in the online wedgie community feels natural.

“I used to lurk on iFunny and Tumblr for wedgies, but I never posted. I started posting when I got my own dorm room in college and I could hang myself from the bunk beds (and in the communal showers haha). When the pandemic hit, I was bored at home and decided to make an OnlyFans for some extra pennies,” he says.

“I got into wedgies after seeing it on TV as a child. The wedgie scene in Code Name: Kids Next Door where Number 4 was absolutely humiliated by those bullies… It was truly an awakening moment for me: I knew wedgies made me feel funny downstairs even before I knew what masturbating was.”

Wedgies have since become an integral part of Tommy’s relationship with self-pleasure, with viewing wedgie content such as pictures and videos (as well as other “wild shit to get [himself] off”) playing a significant role in his sexual pleasures.

“I love when guys show face during a wedgie. It’s so hot seeing them scrunch up their noses and their chin goes back and they’re in visible pain. I know there’s a lot of weirdos on here that try to blackmail you if you show face (which is why I don’t) but there are some accounts that do show face and it’s extremely hot.”

When asked his favourite aspect of wedgies, Tommy says it’s the sensation.

“It is painful, yes, but the pleasure drowns out the pain when your adrenaline kicks in. I’ve dominated guys who don’t have a wedgie fetish – it just feels painful for them. But they like the pain, and I get off on knowing they like pain.”

Tommy has recently started exploring his more dominant side, saying that he enjoys the bully/nerd dynamic for its exchange of power, humiliation and status, especially when done with underwear deemed uncool like tighty whities.

“My Dommy Tommy persona came as a joke when I was submitting to a Bully. He let me ‘try’ (poorly) to dominate him and I would call myself Dommy Tommy in response to him calling me Tommy Wommy. I think it helps my experience with being a Dom since I’ve sub’ed; a lot of Dominants request you to do wild things they’ve never indulged in or tried, so when I make my submissives do certain things, it comes from having experience doing it myself,” he says.

And Tommy’s favourite wedgie?

Hanging wedgie. It’s total helplessness. You’re at the mercy of gravity. Only way down is if your undies rip or if someone lets you down,” he says.

This hanging wedgie appreciation also bleeds into the ‘ideal wedgie shot’, which for him is “complete hanging.” In this, the wedgie victim is suspended freely from one fixed point with no wall to lean on and showing “as much of the undies as possible.”

Creating unique and artistic wedgie shots is part of what incites Tommy to post wedgie and kink-related content.

“I’m an artistic person. I do photography and fashion and makeup in real life; I just had equipment on hand to take my wedgie pictures. I’m also sad a lot. My wedgie content is a creative outlet, sexual outlet, emotional outlet. It’s all muddled together,” he says.

Tommy encourages anyone thinking about exploring their interest in wedgies to “just do it.”

“Stop being a little bitch. Life is too short. Who cares if people think you’re weird. Just get consent and don’t post children and you’re gucci.”

On his future plans for world domination: “I would like to start doing meet-ups with people. That’s not too easily available considering I live in the boonies, as well as coronavirus… but stay tuned.”

Follow Tommy on Twitter at @TomasLucianna, and subscribe to his Onlyfans at

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