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Wedgie Spotlight: Zyberbrat

Meet Zyberbrat, the SoCal nerd known for having his tighty whities over his face.

Zyberbrat recalls his first introduction to wedgies being a clip from the iconic wedgie duo ShavidPranks.

“It was a video of him getting pantsed and wedgied while wearing batman briefs; I remember watching the video once and kept scrolling. Little did I know that had awoken something in me – I kept going back to it and ended up digging a bit deeper into the fetish… The humiliation aspect really sold it to me, it’s just such an invigorating kink to get into.”

Atomic wedgies are his favourite to receive, and boy does he receive a lot of them.

“Something about getting your tighty whities stretched up and over your head is a feeling I cannot compare to others,” he says.

“It’s a sensory thing. From something as simple as gliding your hands on me, to the pulling of a wedgie… I can’t forget the humiliation, I mean that’s why most of my wedgies include tighty whities. If you are going to sell me a wedgie, I want the full fantasy!”

“White briefs just look so good on me. I feel like it compliments my skin tone and shapes me well. Also the embarrassment of it. I still get that rush I would get when I was younger going into the underwear section. Bonus points if there’s another guy there and he sees me pick out the tighty whities.”

With popular social media apps like Instagram and Tumblr cracking down on NSFW content, Zyberbrat says he wishes he could create a specific platform for the wedgie community.

“It would be really cool to have a specific space to find each other – there are plenty of creators out there but it can be hard to find content at times. I feel like if there was a one stop shop to find people, post your pics, and just be yourself, it would be something special.”

He commends the community though for uplifting creators and showcasing people in different lights despite these restrictions.

“Seeing how creative people get with their content is one of my favourite things. Shoutout to long-time collaborator socalwedgiebully on Instagram, who has been one of the best doms in the community right now – he just gets it.”

Hanging wedgie pic of Zyberbrat, posted on socalwedgiebully’s Instagram account

“Jay (wedgie_news_magazine2 on Instagram) has constant updates, stories, community shoutouts, seasonal wedgie olympics, and is an all around good guy.”

“I have to also give a shoutout to one of the last creators you interviewed, Goth Bully, he was my very first meet and it in a way opened the doors for me being comfortable and coming to terms with this kink.”

Hanging wedgie pics from a meetup Zyberbrat had with Goth Bully

For Zyberbrat, it’s connections with other people in this community that has helped him overcome insecurities around fetish.

“Meeting with others and finding someone who shares the bond is an amazing experience and I wish everyone in this community gets to have that,” he says.

“I know a major part of the fetish is embarrassment but truly you don’t need to feel that way about this kink. It’s all in good fun and YOU SHOULD be having fun! Talk with people, interact. I promise you will find a friend on here or someone who feels the same way you do.”

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