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Welcome to My Website

Note: This blog post references wedgie packages of exclusive content that are no longer accessible. These references have been kept in order to preserve the authenticity of this blog post, but please note that the packages referred to in this blog post are unavailable for the time being.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. It’s been my little baby for a while and I’m so excited and proud to share it with you.

I’ve wanted to create a website for some time now, pretty much since mid-2020. I dabbled in Onlyfans for a while, but the constant pressure of subscription-based exclusive content made it difficult to upkeep with my busy life. By the end of 2020, I’d already made 45 exclusive videos that would suit better as a once-off payment for access to them all. I considered selling Google Drives, but really what I wanted was more than a digitised back-of-the-Blockbuster porn shop – I craved a space where I could express all aspects of my experience with wedgies and kink, exploring my wedgie fetish through creativity. And so I created this website.

In addition to the numerous content packages, including the Complete Wedgie Package that grants you access to all 45 exclusive videos and 94 exclusive photos, there’s also the public gallery which contains a back up of pretty much all of my wedgie photosets I’ve posted over the past few years. I’ve also got this blog section where I’ll be publishing unfiltered thoughts and commentary on the community – stuff like that. Then we’ve got the interviews section, which is really exciting. There I’ll be posting interviews I’ve done with members of the wedgie community, discussing their experiences and their relationship with this wacky yet hot kink we all share. I’ve already published my interview with the wonderful TomasLucianna there, go check it out!

The final feature of this website is the creative writing section, which is probably my favourite thing I’m launching as a part of this website. This is where I’m fully letting my creativity run loose. The first piece of creative writing has already been posted, which is Chapter 1 of Wedgie Warlock. I’ll write a separate blog post detailing the process of writing this series but for now go check it out!

So, perhaps it’d be good to share a bit about me. I’m Cody, I’m 22 and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Wedgies have been a part of my life pretty much since the beginning – I think I received my first wedgie when I was 5 or 6. I had a friend who went to the same primary school as me, and sometimes after school I’d go over to his place and we’d give each other wedgies in his attic. I remember he had a foosball table and we’d hook our underwear on the knobs and squat down, giving ourselves wedgies. I moved primary schools when I was 8 though, and we unfortunately lost contact.

From there on, wedgies became a more hidden part of my life. I’ll go into this more in a separate blog post, but I’d internalised a lot of shame and guilt regarding this fetish, and I was worried that giving myself wedgies, or even looking at wedgies on the internet or thinking about them was bad. And so from ages 9 to 18, I very rarely engaged with my kink. I would go months without wedgieing myself, until I eventually caved and gave in, having the most intense wedgie session with myself, and then would feel so guilty that I would suppress it for a further few months. If only teenage me knew anything about sexual liberation.

When I was 19, I’d just gotten out of a pretty rough break-up with my ex and was seeing a therapist to learn how to cope and process such intense emotions. By that time, I’d been witness to much discourse online about sex positivity and kink, and I guess in the back of my mind I was starting to unpack some of that internalised kinkshame. I brought it up with my therapist and for the first time in maybe ever, I engaged with my fetish in an open and non-judgemental way. I began removing all stigma associated with it, and was able to finally enjoy wedgies from myself. 19 is also when I created my Instagram account and formally became a part of the online wedgie community.

Since then, wedgies have become a big part of my life. I lived by myself for two years for study, meaning I could wedgie myself all day if I wanted to (which I most certainly did). I got to know my wedgie preferences (and how ripping atomic wedgies truly are heaven on earth). I had wedgie meet-ups and leant into my more dom side, as well as several Grindr hook-ups that were surprisingly ok with (and good at) giving me wedgies. I’ve even told a few of my close friends about the fetish and they’ve been really supportive and accepting.

Being an artist in my everyday life, it feels natural that I’d want to explore the intersection between my creativity, kink and sexual pleasure. It feels like the logical next step for me too, now that I’m in a place where there’s no longer anything holding me back from experiencing wedgies to their fullest, most intense and most intimate extents. I truly can’t wait for you all to see the things I’m cooking up for this website.

So yeah, that’s a bit about me and my background when it comes to wedgies. I’ll be uploading more blog posts soon, but in the mean time go and check out the other sections of this website. Thanks for stopping by!

— Cody Thompson

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